Plant Science Research Summit

Green Papers

The Plant Science Research Summit steering committee commissioned a number of “green papers” to help foster productive discussions about the future of plant science at the 2011 meeting.


  1. How can plant science ensure sustainable food and feed security for the future?
  2. Future contributions of plant science to Global Challenges of the Environment: How do we ensure a sustainable future?
  3. Genotype by environment interactions
  4. Future contributions of plant science to global challenges in sustainable bioenergy
  5. The fundamental importance and potential of new technologies for 21st century plant science
  6. Implementing a modern informatics environment to support plant science research
  7. Relationships across national, international, and industrial platforms; addressing global goals
  8. Preparing the next generation of plant scientists: Education, training, and careers
  9. Communicating plant science to our peers, the government, and the public
  10. Defining a plant science workforce to address future challenges

The steering committee thanks the following individuals for their contributions to these green papers:  Rick Amasino, Ed Buckler, Nick Carpita, David W. Ehrhardt, Adam P. Fagen, Wolf B. Frommer, Harry Klee, Sharon Long, Eric Lyons, Maureen McCann, Kathy R. Munkvold, Mel Oliver, Phil Robertson, Randy Shoemaker, and Crispin Taylor.

We encourage reactions to the green papers and comments about any issues of relevance to the future of plant science. To submit comments, please “Leave a Reply” here or email

These green papers were not meant to be exhaustive summaries of the various topics, nor complete polished documents. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Plant Science Research Summit steering committee or the American Society of Plant Biologists or other project sponsors.


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